The Role Of Christian Hip Hop In Building A Stronger Community

The Role Of Christian Hip Hop In Building A Stronger Community

In this digital age, the world has been made smaller with advances in technology and the creation of social media. But in other ways, these advances have made the space between communities even bigger. Christian values, and particularly those conveyed in Christian music, have the power to bridge the divide between us and bring us closer.

Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean in practice? Jesus Christ himself understood the value of this statement. When asked which of God’s commandments was most important, Jesus may have replied with “Love God above all,” but he followed this up immediately with “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This was no accident. Jesus understood that if we give others the care that we give ourselves, a stronger, more compassionate community can be created. The concept of Love Thy Neighbor means to show those in our communities the same generous, unconditional love our Heavenly Father shows each of us. Love sits at the very heart of Christian values and is a common theme in Christian music, particularly hip-hop.

Hip-Hop As A Force For Good

We cannot ignore the fact that younger generations are influenced by hip-hop. People often look up to hip-hop artists and aspire to be like them. Secular hip-hop artists often focus on consumerism while glorifying violence, sex, and drug use. Instead, Christian artists turn this on its head, using hip-hop to promote Christian values.      See our online collection of songs

Christian music, particularly hip hop, offers a completely different message delivered through a familiar medium, one that promotes Christian values of unconditional love and the importance of faith. These messages have the power to inspire the hearts and minds of young people and help them look beyond themselves and into their communities. 

A New Form Of Ministry

The way people worship has changed over the years, and there has been a marked decline in people attending church. In fact, the Washington Post reported that in 2011, church membership in the United States fell below the majority for the first time in nearly a century. ¹

Christian values continue to be at the center of many communities. Christian music has the power to hold these communities together. Actively praising and showing gratitude to our Heavenly Father is still vital for many Christians, and Christian music, particularly hip hop, can be used as a mechanism for doing this, especially for younger people who may be looking for a different way to worship.

Final Thoughts

Christian music offers a mechanism for people to live Christian values and worship in a different way. Music has always bought communities together, and Christian music is no different. Christian hip-hop artists and audiences alike can use music as a means of worship, but it also acts as a reminder to show unconditional love to everyone around us, just as Jesus taught us.

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